Dominion-Chalmers Prayer Chain

Dominion-Chalmers has a dedicated group of people who pray regularly for needs of individuals as notified to them and we encourage anyone needing prayer to contact the Prayer Chain with their request. Prayers are lifted to God daily for a period of two weeks, or for as long as requested if there is a specific period of need or if needs are ongoing. All prayer requests are confidential and will be shared only with those on the Prayer Chain.

We are seeking both pray-ers and prayer requests. If you would like to participate as a pray-er
in the chain, and our hope is that many within the congregation will, please contact Daphne

If you have a prayer request, you are encouraged to either call the confidential voicemail box of the prayer chain by contacting the office at 613-235-5143, Extension #3, or by filling in the form below.

Submit a Prayer Request

You may also complete one of the prayer request cards found in the pews or in the Narthex.
However you reach the prayer chain with your request, you may rest assured that your church
family will be praying for you and that your request will be handled with the utmost of care
and discretion.


Prayer is a powerful source of healing and energy. Here are some prayers, to give you some ideas to
help you in your time of connecting with the divine.

A Prayer for peace

(written by Brother Roger of Taize after Sept. 11 2001)

Holy Spirit, however powerless we may be,
enable us to bring peace where there are oppositions and violence,
and to make a reflection of God’s compassion
visible through our lives.
Yes, enable us to love
and to express it by the lives we lead.

A Prayer for healing

Heal me, hands of Jesus, and search out all my pain;
Restore my hope, remove my fear, and bring me peace again.
Cleanse me, blood of Jesus, take all bitterness away;
Let me forgive as one forgiven, and bring me peace today.
Know me, mind of Jesus, and show me all my sin;
Dispel the memories of guilt, and bring me peace within.
Fill me, joy of Jesus, anxiety shall cease,
and heaven’s serenity be mine, for Jesus brings me peace.

A Prayer asking for forgiveness

Gracious God, my sins are too heavy to carry.
They are too big to hide, too deep to undo.
Forgive me for the things I can barely bring myself to mention.
My heart can no longer bear this sorrow.
Set me free from a past which I cannot change,
and open my heart to a future in which we can be changed.
Grant that I may grow in your forgiving love,
and find new life again,
through the promise of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer asking for God to bless your home

Gracious God, giver of life and love, may this house
be a sign of your kingdom. May those who live here
live together in joy and peace. Bless all who visit
this house, may it be a blessing to them. Bless the
work and play which happens here, may it enrich our
souls and improve this world. Bless the nurturing
and growth which will happen here. Be present in
this house, O God, and build it up in your love. Amen.

A Prayer to give thanks for the birth of a child

Gracious God, we thank you for the gift of this child,
and his/her presence in this world. May they grow to
know your loving kindness. Watch over them, give them
health and happiness. Bless them each day. For all
this we give you thanks. Amen.

A Prayer for those who are aging

When signs of age begin to mark my body, may I not
run from the reality of my situation. Help me to
face with dignity the days when illness diminishes
me, or weariness overtakes me. Make me wise, to
see these things through the eyes of eternity.
Give me grace and a sense of humour to deal with
all that comes with advanced age. I thank you for
the years I have enjoyed. May I learn to appreciate
all that is yet to come, knowing that you walk with
me and bless me every day, dear God. Amen.

For a farewell

Loving God, we thank you for all the times we have
shared with these our friends. We thank you for the
moments when we worked together, laughed together,
cried together. For the good times and the bad times.
For having someone to see it through together with.
We feel sorrow in knowing this time together is
coming to a close. Sorround them in your love.
Bless them as they begin their new life in their
new home, where there are new opportunities to know
you, and to love. In the name of Jesus Christ, our
friend, we pray. Amen.